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Google Analytics 4 Certification

In a time when customers demand privacy and consented customer data is a competitive advantage, companies must make confident and data-driven decisions to scale their business.

We have hands-on work experience and certification across multiple Advertising Technology (AdTech) and Marketing Technology (MarTech) platforms, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Tealium iQ. So we know how to ensure data quality and bring standardisation to Analytics.

As certified experts, we offer more than just consultation. We help you achieve sales, efficiencies, cost savings, and peace of mind. Moreover, we are agile, strategic thinkers and problem solvers. We always rise to the challenge.

Actionable Data. Better Product. Happier Customers. More Revenue.


"You Trust The Quality Of What You Know, Not The Quantity."

- Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid

Our Mission

We started Martech Ninjas after seeing how poor data quality and a lack of standardisation in Analytics were hurting marketing and product decisions and stalling revenue and business growth.

The new Google Analytics version, Google Analytics 4, is a great opportunity to reset your Analytics. Do not simply migrate with existing data gaps and issues in place. Work with us to improve the quality of your data and standardise your Analytics.

We are platform agnostic and can provide unbiased consultant advice to help evolve your business.

Meet Our Founder

- I have 10+ years of industry experience in Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics having worked on the Publisher, Media Agency, and Brand side.

- Living and working in 4 different countries – Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain – has given me a unique understanding of different markets and how to adapt to different needs.

- Throughout my career, I have worked with Vodafone, P&G, Nestlé, Diageo, Arla, and many other brands.

- At Vodafone, I was the Digital Data Layer revamp project lead for the website. I was responsible for planning and implementation. While at Vodafone, I worked extensively with Tealium iQ (Tag Management Solution) and Adobe Analytics (Web, Product and Marketing Analytics) platforms.

- At Nestlé, I was the Google Analytics 4 project lead. Initially, I worked on pilot planning and implementation. I then focused on global rollout.

- Above all else, I value honesty, integrity, customer satisfaction, and dedication. Armed with these core business values and my technical knowledge, I solve complex Analytics problems to the complete satisfaction of my clients.

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Vitor Morais

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