Free Google Analytics Audit

Data is key to making successful and result-oriented business decisions. When you have accurate data, you can spot possible issues and make informed decisions to resolve them. If your current Google Analytics (GA) account is not set up correctly, you will receive inaccurate data, making it difficult to bring value to your customers or generate more revenue.

GA is usually set up and forgotten. So if your existing GA3 setup has issues, chances are those issues will carry over to GA4, creating future problems for your business.

GA is a top tool to learn how prospects and customers interact with your website or app. If your GA does not record and send accurate data, it will negatively impact your business decisions.

When we audit your website, we will spot existing issues in your GA, which are highly likely to transfer to GA4 if left unfixed. Apart from that, if you use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to deploy GA Tags, we will audit that as well.

Our audit areas

Account Architecture

Code Implementation

Sensitive Data (PII)

Content and Channel Grouping

Campaign Tagging (UTMs)

Filters (Bot, Internal and Others)

Events and Goal setup


Based on the Google Analytics audit for each of the above-mentioned areas, we will provide you an easy-to-understand scoreboard, which will display a result between 0% and 100%. We will also provide the complete audit report to give you a complete picture.

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