Google Analytics 4 Setup & Configuration

Your existing Google Analytics version GA3 will stop collecting data on July 1st, 2023 (Announcement). But there is a newer and better version, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), to replace it.

The good news is that you don’t have to bother implementing this new tool from scratch. We have already implemented GA4 over and over again. We will identify the issues in your existing GA setup and fix them as we migrate to GA4 so they do not carry over to the newer version.

In addition, we have built frameworks and processes to ensure your GA4 setup is robust and equipped for a future where you can ensure privacy for your customers.

What You Get:

  • Data Trust: No data gaps, inconsistencies, or issues will be carried over from your existing setup to GA4 from day 1.
  • Peace of Mind: GA4 setup, configuration, and migration as per best practices and industry guidelines.
  • Expertise: Hands-on experience with GA4.
  • Training: Training on your new GA4 setup and clarification of immediate questions/doubts in the new reporting.
  • Documentation: You will get a ‘playbook’ with details about your GA4 account setup as well as a Data Dictionary that you can refer to when in doubt and share with new team members for smooth onboarding. You will also get all mapping documents used to migrate to GA4 during the project.

Our Process


01. Audit

We will do a thorough audit of your existing GA3 setup, your GA4 setup if you already made an initial deployment, and of Google Tag Manager (if you use it). The audit will assess the status of your setup across code implementation, bounce rate, custom events, campaign tagging, product integrations, ecommerce (if applicable), and others.

Migration Plan

02. Migration Plan

We will draft a migration plan that includes all possible fixes to the issues uncovered during the audit. We will map out how your analytics data measurement will look in GA4 to continue reporting on your business goals. For example, GA4 does not have Event Category, Event Action, and Event Label so we will work on mapping according to the new data model.


03. Setup & Configuration

We will complete the implementation of GA4 as per the migration plan.

Quality Assurance

04. Quality Assurance

We will provide before and after deployment quality assurance to make sure that all data being collected in GA4 is accurate and consistent.


05. Documentation

You will get a ‘playbook’ with information about your new GA4 account, and a Data Dictionary with information about the deployed events. You can always refer to these documents when in doubt, and share them with new team members for smooth onboarding.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your existing Google Analytics version (Universal Analytics (GA3)) has a completely new data model. This is why it is important to implement Google Analytics 4 on your website/app as soon as possible.

We have experience helping SMB, larger organisations, and ecommerce businesses across multiple verticals. We have the capability to adapt and bring value to any organisation that wants to make better data-driven decisions.

Yes, it is free. We will audit your website and identify the areas within your Google Analytics setup that have issues and can be improved. As a result, you can make better data-driven, business decisions. But there is no obligation! You don’t have to work with us after the audit.

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