Digital Naming Convention Design & Documentation

If you ever asked yourself,

  • How should we name this newly collected data?
  • Do we have consistent campaign tagging (UTMs) in place to accurately attribute our marketing campaigns to the right channels?
  • Why do we have an event/conversion named ‘form-submission’ and another one named ‘FORM-SUBMITTED’?

… but did not get a satisfactory answer, you are not alone.

We have helped businesses create a descriptive and consistent naming convention to use across multiple channels and teams along with the tools to stay consistent over time. Digital naming conventions bring order to chaos and make sure everyone in a business speaks the same language. There is no room for variability and inconsistencies which can lead to confusion, errors, and inefficiencies.

What You Get:

  • Standardisation: Standard and descriptive structure/format to data.
  • Collaboration: Broken down data silos across the organisation.
  • Documentation: Guidelines on how to structure/format data for future reference and future employees.
  • Automation: Naming convention generator to avoid human errors.
  • Campaign Tagging: Consistent UTMs to make sure that your marketing campaigns (paid and owned) are attributed to the right channel for optimisations.

Our Process


01. Interviews

We will run interviews with the key business stakeholders to understand your business needs and how data is presently being used.


02. Audit

We will audit the existing Analytics setup and configuration.


03. Design

We will create the Naming Convention document and improve on this as per business stakeholders' feedback.


04. Setup & Configuration

If campaign tagging (UTMs) / Channel Grouping needs to be updated in Google Analytics, we will do that.


05. Documentation

If needed, we will provide guidelines and a naming convention generator to avoid manual errors/inputs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your existing Google Analytics version (Universal Analytics (GA3)) has a completely new data model. This is why it is important to implement Google Analytics 4 on your website/app as soon as possible.

We have experience helping SMB, larger organisations, and ecommerce businesses across multiple verticals. We have the capability to adapt and bring value to any organisation that wants to make better data-driven decisions.

Yes, it is free. We will audit your website and identify the areas within your Google Analytics setup that have issues and can be improved. As a result, you can make better data-driven, business decisions. But there is no obligation! You don’t have to work with us after the audit.

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