Google Analytics 4 Training

We get it! Learning a new platform/tool can be scary. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is completely different from the previous Google Analytics versions. The available documentation is limited or unclear, and the available, one-size-fits-all training is not adapted to your business and industry needs. You and your team won’t even know where to start on your learning path and GA4 adaption.

To solve this, we offer you GA4 training. Our GA4 Training is tailored to your business goals. You will learn where to look in order to continue assessing your business performance without disruption and keep the leadership team happy.

What You get:

  • Custom Training: Tailored training on GA4 specific to your business and industry.
  • Expert Training: Basic to Advanced training.
  • Easy onboarding: All material and recordings will be shared for future reference / new starters.

Our Process


01. Interviews

We will run interviews with the key business stakeholders to assess their needs and understand how Google Analytics data is used within the business.


02. Audit

We will audit your existing Google Analytics setup and configuration.

Content Creation

03. Content Creation

We will create training content customised to the organisation's needs.

Content Delivery

04. Content Delivery

We will deliver the training content to the organisation with sessions recorded for future use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your existing Google Analytics version (Universal Analytics (GA3)) has a completely new data model. This is why it is important to implement Google Analytics 4 on your website/app as soon as possible.

We have experience helping SMB, larger organisations, and ecommerce businesses across multiple verticals. We have the capability to adapt and bring value to any organisation that wants to make better data-driven decisions.

Yes, it is free. We will audit your website and identify the areas within your Google Analytics setup that have issues and can be improved. As a result, you can make better data-driven, business decisions. But there is no obligation! You don’t have to work with us after the audit.

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